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Auctions are one of the oldest forms of trade in the world. Goods are sold publicly to the highest bidder at a specific place at an announced time. The objects, which are divided into so-called ‘lots’, can be inspected in advance. The auctioneer names the limit price, from which the bidding increases in fixed steps, until the highest bidder wins.

Auctions are exciting and full of emotion: desire, anticipation, feelings of trepidation, determination, disappointment and happiness. The atmosphere of an auction is something very special, especially at an art auction. The thrill of bidding resembles the hunt for something special and is only resolved by the exclamation ‘Going once, going twice, going three times, sold!’ followed by the tap of the gavel. Try it out and bid live in our auctions – online, in the auction room, by phone or through a written bid.

For further information see Bidding.

the auctioneer's hand reaches for the auction hammer