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About us

Auktionshaus am See

The Auktionshaus am See is located in Constance, close to the shore of Lake Constance, at Beethovenstraße 1b in the Musicians’ Quarter (Musikerviertel). We specialise in all-in-one solutions for estates, liquidations and insolvencies, as well as in entire collections. We are also happy to include individual items in our auctions. Our staff draw upon many years of extensive experience in the international auction business. You can rely on our integrity, discretion, reliability and competence.


We are happy to manage the estimation and auction of your valuables:

jewellery, wristwatches and pocket watches, silver, coins and medals, paintings, graphics, sculptures, stamps, militaria, historical items, glass, porcelain, Asian items, African items, miscellanies, antique toys, luxury and design objects, furniture, furnishings, lamps, carpets, and much more.

The manager wears red gloves and inspects the delivered goods - in this case paintings.


We take our social responsibility as business owners very seriously. We bear the responsibility towards society and the environment above all else. For us, this includes employing workers with good conditions, recycling materials such as packaging and, of course, selling timeless products instead of short-lived trends. As conscious consumers, we promote the reduction of CO2 emissions and waste. Sustainable investments instead of a throwaway mentality: Antiques are green! Buying antiques means investing in individuality, style and sustainability.

Online auctions

Auktionshaus am See focuses strongly on online auctions. We auction your objects through the four largest auction platforms in the world. We compile our catalogues in English and German.

the auctioneer's hand reaches for the auction hammer

At your service

Together with you, we share an appreciation of objects and collectibles which is at the heart of our business. Thanks to our industry expertise, whether you are buying or selling, you will benefit from the successful brokerage of your items.

Mutual trust and sincerity are important to us. Our clients appreciate our realistic assessments of the value of the objects in our auctions. Beyond this, personal service and absolute discretion are a matter of course. Our work is driven by our enthusiasm for creative, artistic and handcrafted objects. We look forward to your enquiry and are committed to serving you well.

Dagmar Ender

Managing Director, Art historian, Project Manager, Auctioneer, Expert and member of the Association of German Art Historians

Alexandra Hasanov

Art historian, Research, Cataloging

Leona Maier

Art historian, Research, Cataloging, Photography, Auctioneer

Constanze Preiß 

Managing Director, Business Economist (MBA-equivalent) and Auctioneer

Jessica Schäfer

Art historian, Research, Cataloging, Photography, Social Media

The man in charge of PR and social media wears a blue jacket, antiques can be seen in the background.

Nicolai Eckert

Art historian, Rublic Relations, Interior Design

Oliver Bregar

Historian, photography, research, cataloging

Juliane von Åkerman

Art historian, research, cataloging, content creator

Art historian, research, cataloging, provenance research