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24 Febuary – 5 March 2023

We give advice on the subject of auctions and offer you a free valuation of your valuables.

Take advantage of the good market opportunities and consign now. We look forward to your enquiry!

Marc Chagall, "Bonjours Paris" Art Deco brooch, centre old-cut diamond, 1.5ct Carl Kronberger, "The lost penny" Meissen Porcelain Group, "Lady with Boy" H. Michaux, "Abstract Composition" Karl Prantl, various bronze sculptures "Zobel" Design Brooches r. Vase with handle, Daum Frères; l. small vase, Émile Gallé Ruby Brilliant Bracelet Wolfgang Isle "Flamenco" Jacques Lowe "J.F. Kennedy Campaign in Illinois", Photo

Our Auctions

Every year we hold 5 to 6 large LIVE auctions and auction the following objects for you: jewelry, wrist and pocket watches, silver, coins, medals, paintings, graphics, sculptures, stamps, militaria, historika, glass, porcelain, asiatika, afrikana, varia, antique toys, luxury and design objects, furniture, furnishings, lamps, rugs and more!

We offer the following ways to participate in our auctions: as a hall bidder (directly on site), as a telephone bidder (live on the phone), as a LIVE bidder online (at your home) and as a bidder who conveniently places a written bid before the auction.

About us

The Auktionshaus am See is located in Constance, close to the shore of Lake Constance, at Beethovenstraße 1b in the Musicians’ Quarter (Musikerviertel). We specialise in all-in-one solutions for estates, liquidations and insolvencies as well as entire collections. We are also happy to include individual items in our auctions. Our staff draw upon many years of extensive experience in the international auction business. You can rely on our integrity, discretion, reliability and competence.

Consigning and Auctioning Items

We are happy to include individual objects as well as entire collections in our auctions. We provide support in the case of liquidations or estates. If you have valuable antiques or works of art, we include them in our international LIVE auctions.

Bidding – Buying at Auction

At our art and antique auctions, you will find the right object for you: your favourite pieces, investments, additions to collections, gifts, furnishings and much more.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about participating in our auctions.

Dagmar Ender
Chief art historian

‘The purpose of art is to keep alive what is so important and necessary for us as human beings.’

Alexandra Hasanov
Art Historian

‘I still don’t know a better definition for the word ‘art’ than this one: Art – that is the human being.

Vincent van Gogh
The art scholar is wearing a black sweater and a brown blazer. Antiques can be seen in the background.
Leona Maier
Art Historian

‘Keep your love for nature, because that is the right path to ever better art appreciation.’

Vincent van Gogh
Constanze Preiß
Managing Director

‘The secret of art is that one does not seek but find.’

Pablo Picasso
Jessica Schäfer
Art Historian

‘The most important thing in art is the frame.’

Frank Zappa
The man in charge of PR and social media wears a blue jacket, antiques can be seen in the background.
Nicolai Eckert
Art Historian

‘Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.’

Pablo Picasso