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Our competent art historians and experts will accompany the sale of your objects and achieve the highest possible price for you. Every year, the Auktionshaus am See holds at least five auctions. We are happy to accept consignments at any time.

  1. Have your objects estimated by our experts free of charge and without obligation. Simply make an appointment. In the case of larger estates, liquidations or collections, we will also be happy to visit you for a consultation.
  2. After a personal meeting and the assessment of your objects, we jointly determine the terms of the contract with you. We tailor our services to your individual needs.
  3. After this, our art historians and experts research and catalogue your objects. By combining relevant information and images from our in-house photo studio, we create auction profiles that do justice to the value of your objects. Our live and online auctions are run in English and German on the largest international auction portals on the internet.
  4. Following the successful sale of your objects and receipt of payment from the buyer, you will receive your proceeds (usually 6 to 8 weeks after the auction). Should an object not be sold during the auction, it can often attract a buyer during the post-auction sale. If you wish, we are happy to carry over an unsold object into the next auction.


For solicitors, guardians, estate executors and executors of wills

Our clients include solicitors, guardians, estate executors and executors of wills. We are happy to prepare expert opinions on the current market value, insurance value, or the average commercial value for estate matters. The costs for this valuation can be offset against the auction proceeds.

Should there also be a need for a valuation report for submission to a probate court, we work together with a publicly appointed and sworn expert for art and cultural property.

For inheritors

Inheritors are often faced with many sudden duties and sometimes an entire household to liquidate. In some cases, there is disagreement about the value of the objects within the estate. In order to clarify this, you can commission us to prepare a valuation report. You are also welcome to commission us directly to auction the items on your behalf. We ensure the best possible marketing of all your items – not just cherry-picking the best – and offering you an all-in-one solution (up to and including house clearances). After an initial inspection by the family and inheritors, we draw up a detailed list of all the items that we can offer through our various sales channels. Finally, if you wish, we can also organise the house clearance and hand over the estate to you swept clean.

For relocation, downsizing and liquidation

If you wish to part with objects, or need to downsize due to a move, please feel free to send us pictures of the objects, without obligation, by email, WhatsApp or regular mail. We will evaluate, free of charge, whether we can include these items in one of our auctions.

We look forward to hearing from you. We are happy to accept your consignments at any time. Please arrange an appointment with us.
+49 7531 361 362 6 or +49 152 26 28 7719