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Note for foreign buyers

VAT is only charged on the commission and thus on the domestic service. For a total goods value of €1000.00 or more, the submission of export licences to customs is mandatory. We will be happy to assist you with the preparation of these documents.

The legally applicable value added tax is only charged on the additional costs (buyer’s premium and lot fee) because we provide a pure brokerage service. For brokerage services to business customers from other EU countries with a valid VAT ID number, the reverse charge procedure is applied, i.e. the commission and lot fees are not subject to German VAT. In these cases, the customer is obliged to pay the VAT on these fees in his home country. For brokerage services to business customers from a third country, no VAT is due if the entrepreneurial status is proven in an appropriate manner. Brokerage services to private customers from third countries are also subject to VAT. Invoices issued during the auction are only valid subject to verification for errors.